This year has been a whirlwind, and I’m having trouble finding the words to describe the sort of year it’s been (hard, chaotic and exhausting come to mind). It’s been nothing like I expected in both the best and worst ways. This year I have: done more training sessions at the gym than I can count (and loved every minute), felt fit and healthy, eaten well and cooked a lot of food, learned to sleep more, worked hard and almost burnt out, survived. I picked up a soccer ball again and discovered I loved soccer, interviewed incredible women for like a girl, travelled to Whistler, New York, Los Angeles, and back home, bringing my total number of flights this year to 8 (6 of which were international). I went to my first international soccer game and had a blast, solidifying my support of the USWNT (don’t tell the Canadians). Made new friends, shown old friends around the city, said goodbye to friends too, and moved into a downtown apartment. I have missed my tan (thank you Australian summers), iced my knee more times than I care to recall, questioned my love of rain, fallen more in love with summer and missed Australian summers (more fiercely than I would have thought). Had wine nights and made fabulous cocktails, eaten ice-cream, devoured tacos, and bribed friends with food. It’s truly been a wild year, and it’s ended in the most unexpected (and delightful way). Here’s to surviving 2017, and here’s to thriving in 2018. Here are the highlights in photos:

top songs:

+ To Be Human – Sia (Wonder Woman Soundtrack)
+ Heaven on Earth – Sinclair
+ Hurts So Good – Astrid S
+ Nowhere – East of Eli
+ Lover – Truslow
+ Be Thou my Vision – Norton Hall Band
+ Someone to You – BANNERS
+ Cold (feat. Lizzy Land) – Mating Ritual
+ Only Love Can Hurt Like This – Paloma
+ Woman & Praying – Kesha
+ Dancing with Our Hands Tied – Taylor Swift














freezing in the gym / snow / soccer